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As you can guess, my name is Jonathan. I spend my time traveling all over the world telling the stories of incredibly interesting and passionate people. My real love is in documentary film. To be able to spread out and really create something impactful, led me straight into wedding film years ago.

The greatest compliment I ever receive is for a perfect stranger to watch a film, and after 15 minutes feel like they really know the couple.  I'm not just looking to catch some quick highlights of your day, I'm looking to show the heart of who you really are together. 

If you're just looking for trendy, you won't find it here. Trends come and go, and in 30 years you won't like what's popular now. I always seek to create what's timeless in both look and sound. I want you to have a film that you'll watch with your grandkids and love it more than you did the first time.

Whether your located in my hometown of Dallas, or across the world, I'd love a chance to talk with you about creating a timeless film that you'll cherish forever.

Let's Talk!

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