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I   N   V   E   S   T   M   E   N   T

With every wedding we do, we have a couple of things that are set across the board.

-First - We don't work in blocks of time. Meaning, we don't charge based on being there 6 hours or 8 or 10. We are there beginning to end of every wedding. I simply don't believe you should be worried about the clock on the biggest day of your life. You can trust that we'll be there to catch every moment.

-Second - There are always two shooters at every wedding.

-Third - We use professional equipment. At the average wedding we walk in with over $30,000 in cameras and gear that are all meant to give you the absolute best quality product.

Our starting point for wedding video packages includes the following videos.

-Full wedding film - (averages 15-18 minutes)

-Teaser film - this comes out within a few days of the wedding and runs 3-4 minutes.

-Full ceremony cut - Beginning to end solid cut of the ceremony 

-Reception Toasts - Whatever combination of best man/maid of honor you have!


Prices for weddings vary depending on location and any custom deliverables. Click the button below and tell me all about your big day, and I'll get back to you with a price as soon as possible!

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